Downtown Square

Stevens Point, Wisconsin

Rettler Corporation has been tremendous to work with on this project; from initial public input, to design, and now construction management. Rettler is second to none. We are so excited as a community to be able to have this beautiful new gathering place that has such historical significance to our community.

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Andrew Halverson

Working with the City of Stevens Point Department of Public Works, Rettler Corporation’s vision for the downtown square focuses on the revitalization and functional improvement to the space. The design is a continuous central space with a water feature for a focal point, visually tying the downtown square to the nearby Wisconsin River. The plaza space is designed to draw visitors year round, and is the new home of the farmers’ market, nearly doubling its capacity. Vehicle circulation is rerouted to include a circle drive with parallel and perpendicular parking, creating more exposure to downtown store fronts, and reducing vehicle / pedestrian interaction. The outer walks are expansive with abundant plantings to create visual corridors and welcome shade in the summer. Outdoor café space was created with the expansion of the pedestrian promenades on the perimeter of the square.

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In looking at the rendering, and a photograph of the same view of the project completion, one can see that Rettler Corporations vision was translated to reality as it was planned, delivered on time, and met the project budget.